"Ach Me Jimmy"

Agin the shade of the young Stag horn

stood he,solid, tall, handsome, forlorn

the Kilt wi blowin around his knee's

one look and she begged him please

He smiled wi eyes that spat sparks

was nor a man innit for larks

though she be a lowlander of birth

the highlander presented great worth

Clash of the Clans she knew would rear

for no other of her's, before went near

defiant to kin set off up country

she ached oh she ached for her lovin Jimmy

In Glassgow Tartan, she donned his cloak

took to the pipes and sang by the mote

for as two nor one they mingled the blood

though tears for her Clan ran down like a flood

Oh She missed the hearth and home

though in the mist and heather she loved to roam

twas a love that nae man nor beastie

could divide no matter how feisty

She dinae see her Clan no more

for they were all in a bloody uproar

the Highlands sheltered this purr wee lass

from the wrath of the Lowlander High Class

Sometimes at night whilst her Jimmy slept

she looked pon him, an heartily wept

twas nor for lack of love you see

as in break of day she uttered "ACH ME JIMMY"

Ch'erie de Perrot

Copyright 2010

CAL Copyright Australia Ltd

All Rights Reserved