Life begins in the Spring & ends in the Fall

Throughout the pages
of the information highway
it's no backwater road
or an overgrown byway
it teams with life
from all ethnic backgrounds
an array of colours
assortment of sounds

We all tread this sod
some more than others
talk of our lives
hopes, dreams, our mothers
support groups a plenty
for every known cause
wait, just a minute,
click the mouse onto pause!

There's the Rich and the Famous
the obscure and unseen
those starving and hungry
in places obscene
Some worship God
or his Old adversary
there's the despondant near death
other's high and merry!

Blind Man, Poor Man
Beggar Man free
we've all got something
something to say, Natrually!!
Tis the nature of Man
to be social creatures
even the most recluse
oft times show their features

What's it all about
What are we all trying to say?
Do we have a purpose
or just exhibits on display
I don't know the answers
I'm just one in this race
spinning around
on the planet in space.

But, I do know this
for it applies to us all
Life begins in the Spring
and ends in the Fall!!