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Rolling Mist

Cockrell Crows at first light
an alarm clock that shatters the night
proud is he who heralds the dawn
near or far, on the front lawn?

Who can tell from a bleary eyed start
gazing yon where sparrows fart
thick is the air that rolls over the hills
resembling close, liquid nitrogen spills

O where art thou O feisty Cock
unfair is the day, watch out for the block
for when the mists disperse away
tis your feathery hide, I shall heartily flay

Still he crows with fervent gutterall
obscured and safe, for his unending recital
pea soup has encompassed the land
so thick, can't see where the woodlands stand

Safe for now that haughty young fowl
shift change from the eerie bush owl
tween them both, tis a game of wits
enough to give one the screaming shits

Where's my pillow, drown out the din
in a short while, he'll be raiding the bin

along with the hens, come feed time
when rolling mists succumb to sunshine!

Thank heavens it's only 5 a.m.

Ch'erie de Perrot
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