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About Ch`erie de Perrot

A native of New Zealand, Cherie de Perrot travelled abroad to Australia in her late teens and lived there for 31 years, before moving back to her homeland in 2010. During her years living in Australia, she travelled a great deal both with Working and on holidays. The vastness of the land inspired her a great deal, as well as the people. As a Mother and an Humanitarian who cares a great deal for the welfare of other peoples lives and living conditions, the natural disasters that occurred, became very personal, thus many of her poetic writes, were inspired from such!

She also Married and became a Mother to Six wonderful children, which in itself was, and still is a huge challenge. No shortage of inspiration therein.

After the Marital breakdown, she found herself in touch once again with her Old High School Flame, a much unrequited love, that could never blossom in its original time, but did so the second time around. She now lives back in her homeland of New Zealand with her younger children, and New Husband, surrounded by more inspiration than any writer could ever imagine possible.

So on a daily basis, just every day events are enough to keep this " Mistress O the Quill" more than occupied!